General Faqs

What are the age requirements for renting a car with Automax?

Renters must be 23 years old for renting a car belonging to groups A, B, C, D, 7 Seater and SUV (4×4).

Am I allowed to have an additional driver?

Yes, you can add an extra driver, who is going to be explicitly stated in the rental agreement. The additional driver must meet the age requirements mentioned above. Automax offers the opportunity of adding an extra driver totally for free.

What happens in case of early return of my rental?

If you decide to return your car rental earlier than agreed, note that there is no refund.

Is there a minimum rental period for your car rentals?

The minimum rental period varies, depending on the distance from our central office in Tria Gefyria:

Minimum Rental Periods are the following:

  • 0-10km 1 day
  • 11-20km 3 days
  • 21-30km 3 days
  • 31-40km 5 days
  • 40+           5 days
What is the cancellation policy of Automax?

In case of cancellation of your online reservation 20 days before the rent commencement date, our company is entitled to claim the amount of the deposit or not to refund the deposit.

Are there extra charges for no-show renters?

If a renter fails to collect the vehicle during the rent commencement date without any written notice or contact through phone, AutoMax will cancel the reservation after 3 hours. AutoMax is entitled to charge the renter for one day rental of the car group reserved.

What are the costs for delivery and collection services?

Delivery and collection costs vary, depending on the distance from our central office in Tria Gefyria:

  • 0-10km FREE
  • 11-20km 10€/delivery or collection
  • 21-30km 15€/delivery or collection
  • 31-40km 20€/delivery or collection
  • 40+ 25€/delivery or collection
Can I drive my car rental outside Corfu or take it on a ferry?

You are allowed to drive our car rentals outside Corfu, but you must contact our company and pay the out-of-island fees, otherwise you cannot drive them outside the island of Corfu and you are liable to any damage or loss caused.

Is roadside assistance included in the rental price?

Yes, we do offer 24/7 roadside assistance for free.

How are prices calculated?

Rental Prices are based on:

  • the rental period
  • the season (low, medium or high season)
  • the location of delivery
  • the type of car
  • the payment method (in cash upon arrival or by credit card upon arrival)
How are the lowest prices calculated? (the prices shown on the website)

The lowest prices are calculated depending on the following:

  • the rental period (for 14 or more days you get a 5% discount)
  • the season (if you reserve a vehicle during low season you get a 5% discount)
  • the location of delivery (if the location is within 10km away from our central office in Tria Gefyria you do not pay for delivery service)
  • the payment method (By paying in cash upon arrival you get a 5% discount)

Please note that in case of long rental periods and reservations during low season, rental prices get much lower.